Does FP2 have a bad antenna?

hi guys,
since my wife got that FP2 half a year ago, I was jealous on her - until we moved to that new place two weeks ago. here we got very bad network connection. We got two similar simcards (same provider), but while I got enough network to recieve SMS and sometimes phonecalls with my Motorola, my wife is just not connected at all. when my network symbol shows 2 or 3 bars (out of 4, I guess?), her phone doesn’t even have one. Is there some problem with the settings? or is the antenna really that bad?

we both got LineageOS running, with microG. Her lineageOS was last time updated 3 Weeks ago, I guess. Don’t have access to the phone now, so I can’t look up the version.
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Worked for me when my phone seemed to have worse connectivity all of a sudden.


I have compared signal strength with other phones and never saw a significant difference. It could be a cable that’s badly attached through.

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Have you checked if your and your wife’s phones use different network standards (i.e. 4G, 3G, 2G)? For the different standards there can be considerable differences in network coverage with one and the same provider.


well, the phones do support different Standards, but right now only 2G is available, so there must be the problem on my fairphone.

how about the warranty when I check the antenna connection? isn’t there a tool (and app maybe?) to check network quality?

You can use the GSM/CDMA/LTE section of SatStat and compare signal db info with other phones.

hell. well, here’s the answer to my problem:

type ´*#´*#4636#´*#* (make sure, only the problematic SIM card is active)
and check whether maybe “LTE only” is activated.
Choose “LTE/CDMA/UMTS auto (PRL)” (or any other network type you prefer)

in my case that helped. problem solved.



Hey! Just bought my FP2 after having a FP1 since launch, been having strange connection problems on and off, have yet to try to get a new sim, but will do that first thing tomorrow.

I am wondering how you did exactly to change that setting, for me it says
"Set prefered network type:
GSM only"
and changing in the dropdown menu does not change the value that is shown.
And it is also strange cause i obviously am getting 4G and 3G reception half of the times. And sometimes people cant reach me.

Are you using 2 Sims?
If you do, be aware that in a Fairphone you only can set 1 sim to 3G/4G and the other sim has to be 2G.
It doesn’t matter which sim gets the 3G/4G.
To check which sim is set to 3G/4G:
Go to Settings,
Go to More
Go to Mobile Networks
Now you can see for each sim what the preferred network type is.

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Thanks a lot for the answer and have been busy so have had to live with connection problems.

So, I only use one sim. I have done most things except actually getting a new sim which i ordered just a few days ago. I am using Vimla in sweden which uses Telenors network. The sim and vimla worked great on my FP1U. I am planning on getting in touch with support for getting a new antenna because i cant see what else could be wrong. Anyone have some other suggestion for what to test and such?

Did you check what the preferred network type is for the sim?

Yes, it seems to always reset to “LTE/GSM auto (PRL)”

Can you tell me where in the phone you see “LTE/GSM auto (PRL)”?

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I had similar problems. Have a look at this:


When going into *#*#4636#*#* -> Phone info -> Set preferred network type.

This is not the right way to do if the phone has connections for two sims.
The Fairphone can have only 1 sim set to 4G and you have to check the other sim first if it is set to 2G.
So I would strongly recommend To check which sim is set to 3G/4G:
Go to Settings,
Go to More
Go to Mobile Networks
Now you can see for each sim what the preferred network type is.
In your case first check if the sim you don’t use is set to 2G, then check the sim you want to use for 4G.

Yes, I know of a Fairphone with only 1 sim in use. Out of the box the second sim was on 4G and the first sim on 2G.

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I think it’s the interference of the two sim, since only one sim card is allowed to be on 4G while the other should be on 2G/3G. Lidwien has given some steps which you should try.

To be precise: only one sim can be on 4G/3G while the other one must be set to 2G.


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