Does FP2 accept a Twin Bill SIM card?

My Telekom Twin Bill SIM card pin numbers are not being accepted by FP2.
Is that a general problem or do I need to consider anything`?

Do these PIN numbers work when the SIM is in another phone? In general it isn’t a problem, at least I cannot remember having read about such issues in this forum before.

Can you explain the functionality further? Have you got just one SIM or two?

I know Twin bill as one SIM but not with two different pin but just one to enable/activate the SIM. The twin bill functionality is invoked by dialing an asterix as prefix to the number… do you mean a similar functionality with your pin?

Hi Amber,

it does work with a number of phones, including my ancient Nokia.
I have one SIM card with 2 PIN numbers, prefix 1 +4 digits for business and prefix 2+same 4 digits for private.
When I put this card into FP2 neither PIN was accepted.
Thanks and regards,

Hi Martin,
yes, it does work with other phones. More details below with Amber’s question.
Thanks, Nicole

Well, with “ancient Nokia” the Twin bill functionality was innovation at this time. Today you don’t have this feature any more so widespread. It seems that your SIM contains two logical identities which are selected by entering the respective PIN. I don’t know phones which support this.

Having said this, I know phones which supports a similar function for using NFC enabled SIM cards or for choosing a different SIM profile (which comes quite close to your description). But the ones I have heard of are very few compared to the ones available on the (german) market, so I wonder if this is supported by Fairphone’s OS.

Do you know a known brand’s Android to support your functionality?

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