Does Fairphone pay money for ads on social media?

Most social media are known for their human rights abuses like:

  • facilitating genocide
  • spreading nazi propaganda
  • allowing death threats against marginalized people
  • promoting fake news
  • financing climate change denialism and ecocide
  • not to speak of their data abuse

So I wonder if Fairphone uses any of their money to enable this?
Is there any recent chart that shows where Fairphones money goes?


if their software team was well funded, they wouldnt need to waste money on ads. stop paying for ads and start paying your software team. deliver software updates, security fixes and bugfixes at last in a speedy and regular manner. seriously :frowning:

It wasn’t established yet that they actually do this. And whether it would be a waste would depend on some things.

@Marta_Artigas: Can you perhaps help with this? …

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Hey hey!

So, the short answer is yes, we do use paid social media.

The long answer is there is currently no other platform out there that has more reach to get our message across to as many people as possible. We are fully aware of the damaging effects of social media. We can’t possibly defend that. At the same time, we want our products to be an invitation to the rest of the industry. To make phones in fairer, more sustainable ways. To prove there is a demand for products that reflect the values we champion. There’s a massive and growing market for products that make sustainability and better working conditions a part of their value offer. And the only way we can convince other manufacturers is to get more people on board. Increase our brand awareness. For this, we use both Paid ads, social media, and traditional print and television ads.

Unfortunately, our communities online are not big enough to buck the all-pervasive algorithm, curbing our reach through organic posts alone. So till we figure out a better way, we do earmark a portion of our budget for paid social ads. Because an ethical phone that nobody has heard about cannot change the industry. Having an online presence allows us to reach wider audiences, increasing awareness about the issues in the electronics industry. Let us be very clear; we do not endorse any of the egregious human rights offenses the OP has mentioned. Especially climate change denial and ecocide. That’s exactly the opposite of what we are trying to do.

Regarding the chart, I have reached out to our finance team and we don’t have such a chart yet, especially on where our money goes, we can’t really provide a split.

Hope this answer clarifies a bit our views and our spending on social media. Feel free to reach out if you have further questions.

Have a lovely day


Thanks for the answer.
Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but of course I understand your points.
You have a lovely day too. :slight_smile:


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