Does Fairphone have a CSR annual report

I am a university business lecturer teaching Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics and I want to use Fairphone as an excellent example for sustainable innovation while employing sound CSR practices and business ethics. Does Fairphone have a recently published CSR report, if so, can someone point me in the direction where I could find one.

Many thanks. R.


You might find this fitting for your needs:

Fairphone releases an Impact Report annually.


Hello @Roger_Rich.

I remember reading some research that used Fairphone as a case study, I think it was about establishing first cooperation with factories, but haven’t bookmarked that.

Google scholar does list some works though, just the examplary thread - Google Scholar

What I also found interesting is fairphone blog, now renamed as stories, Blog - Fairphone

PS. I teach politics but haven’t incorporated much of the sustainability theme in my teaching yet. Thanks for sharing the idea.


Thank you very much. :smiley:


This looks to be the latest @Roger_Rich (it’s the sort of thing I have to look up for my own work as a sustainability consultant)

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