Does Fairphone deliver to Mallorca?


Here Bilbao Ángel Iratxe trying to help a woman that contacted from Mallorca (Spain) through facebook page of the Community.

The thing is that she needs a new module of Fairphone (microphone) and she says that Fairphone has told her that they do not deliver to Mallorca!! May that be posible? That Fairphone does not deliver to Mallorca? If so, …what the reason?

@Monica.Ciovica maybe you can confirm if this is right, and if so, what is the proposal Fairphone could offer to this woman,

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I think it is better that this important question has its own topic.

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Unfortunately correct – see the list at the bottom here:


To extend on the reasoning given in the article …

Islands which can not be reached by car via a bridge are a problem when shipping stuff to them.
Germany has such islands, too, and shipping by ferry to these islands usually demands that an expensive additional shipping fee be paid to the carrier.

For most online sellers, shipping to islands is a rare special case.
The shop software of the seller would have to be prepared to handle this, and it would still rely on people being honest about the shipping address (there apparently are people ordering stuff and then mailing in their island shipping address afterwards to let the seller pay the additional fee).
Not every shop system does handle this well or at all, there are always questions and complaints online regarding this.


Thanks for the thoughtful info, @AnotherElk! And @iratxe for bringing up the question for awareness.

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Hi @iratxe, if she already contacted our Customer Support and they told her it’s not possible then I don’t think there is more I can do from our side.
However, has she looked at our reseller list?
I know has a wide delivery option and they do have spare parts as well, not just the phone.


Thank you @Monica.Ciovica!!

I have shared your comment with Julie through facebook!
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