Does Fairphone 4 works with Microsoft MDM, as required for our BYOD policy


I’d like to buy a FP4 as a BYOD, however my company requires it to be Microsoft Certified for MDM-usage. I’m not technical, so not sure what exactly this means…
Will a FP4 work with my corporate tools like Outlook and Teams?

Rgds, Sas

Hi SMaessen, welcome to the Fairphone forum :slight_smile:

Mhm I fear to test it on my phone, because sometimes you need to reset the phone to get rid of it… at least I heard of some cases. (atm we don’t have a final concept for BYOD, only company owned with 2 Profiles.) (I’m working in an IT-Service)

You should always be able to download teams and outlook and log in with your company credentials.

Or you just try BYOD by downloading the Intune App and see what it offers to you. Usually you login there and it creates a work profile on your phone.

Edit: i saw, that i can’t login on teams without Intune App. :confused:
Edit Edit: I missed that you don’t own a FP4 at the moment :slight_smile: . If Hirnsushis Intune test works, you will be able to use it for BYOD.

I have a FP4 here I can test this on (will get factory reset later today anyway).

If someone could tell me what I should try, I’d be happy to help :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh and welcome to the community @SMaessen :wave:


You would need to install “Intune” and create a work profile with your company credentials.
If that works, you have a work profile where your company manages your App restrictions etc.
If this works, every Microsoft app should also work.

Edit: Intune is “Microsoft company portal” in play store. Intune is a different App which comes with company portal. (if you search for intune you will find the company portal)

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I installed the company portal and came to the login screen without any issues.
And microsoft documentation says, that you should don’t need to factory reset to get rid of it. But…should
So I didn’t go further. Maybe @hirnsushi wants also to test deleting company portal without reset? :slight_smile:

In my case this setup is even working on an FP2. So I don’t see any reason it won’t on an FP4.


I did install Intune, but since I don’t have any log-in credentials I can’t test that any further.
Uninstalling works without problems, but that was to be expected without a real work profile set up :man_shrugging:

Since it works for @Volker I’d consider this solved, but if there are more questions I can create a test account and try the rest.

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