Does Fairphone 3+ work with Virgin Media in the UK?

Hi Guys,

I’m interested in the Fairphone 3+ but before buying I want to make sure it will work with my SIM - I’m on Virgin Media in the UK. Is Fairphone 3+ known to work with this network?



According to this topic I’d say yes. It’s about a FP3 (and not FP3+) but there’s no difference in the models respective provider support.


I’m on EE, which is now part of BT and Virgin runs on the EE network, so should be fine. What is strange, and others have the same issue, is that my network is always labelled as Virgin ?? so let me know what happens :slight_smile:

Why wouldn’t it? I was on Three, but changed to Sky/O2. Yea, avoid Three.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ll give it a try and report how it goes.

Security update of 5th Nov, received 9th Dec fixes issue of wrong carrier name :slight_smile: Software update: 3.A.0066

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I finally got around to getting an FP3+, and it appears to be working perfectly fine with a Virgin Media SIM in the UK :slight_smile:


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