Does anyone use Wire Messenger on encrypted FP2?

Have problems with Wire and Lineage15.1. on encrypted FP2.
However, on Tablet with same LineageOS version it runs well. Only difference: FP2 is encrypted.

I tried already all recommendations of Wire online-help , help-desk and internet.
Therefore, my above question. If it runs well on any encrypted FP2 I would continue my efforts, despite the fact I spent already many hours. Otherwise I would try another messenger.

Please specify.
Perhaps the specified problems might ring a bell for users not using Wire, increasing your chances for a solution.

Okay- good idea!
Can receive messages only when I force to stop the App Wire under


  • Apps
  • Wire
  • Beenden erzwingen

Then I receive messages for a short time until phone goes to suspension mode.
Of course there are mainly also no push-notifications but this problem happens also with other apps and is a result of missing Google Services.

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Is it the missing Google services then? Seems more likely then encryption, which should be completely transparent to the app


Have exactly the same problem since a version (second last one) where the wire app introduced this new notification, to show it’s connected with the wire server.

Still have no idea if and when they are going to solve this bug.

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As it works on the pad also without Google I think it is not Google Services.

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Think this info is important for me. If it is a bug I will at first stop further actions and wait.

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