Does anyone know if the DualSIM sockets will work in Australia?

My current dual-SIM phone is getting older and I am looking at getting a new one, a Fairphone really looks good, but not all imported phones work with Australian SIMs. Does anyone know if a Fairphone would work here? I have a work and a personal number, not having to carry around two phones really saves time, missed calls, power, etc.

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I’m not sure if you’ll be able to have dual sim in Australia, you may want to have a look here: Fairphones in Australia


The FP2 supported only one SIM on 3G/4G and that meant it wasn’t usable as dual-SIM in Australia. In the FP3 both SIMs can be used on 4G at the same time, so if your FP3 is compatible with either SIM cards in single SIM then it will also work with both SIMs in dual SIM.


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