Does Airdroid work with Android / Sailfish OS?

Small tangential question, but I thought better ask it here than just waste a whole new topic - would the following app work with Fairphone OS? And/or possibly with Jolla?

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@Ed_Bycroft: I’ve tried Airdroid on my FP1 and yes, it works. But I find it easier to shuffle files between phone and PC using a USB cable.
An alternative for FTP transfer over a shared wlan is to use ES File Explorer (on your FP) and a FTP client (e.g. filezilla) on your pc.

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Ah, many thanks! I’ve only been curious about it for the connectivity re: remotely controlling the phone, picking up specific notifications etc. Your help is much appreciated.

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With MyPhoneExplorer you can browse files, send texts, sync address books and much more. Using it for years now and I’m totally satisfied with it. :slight_smile:

Very similar in functionality is Pushbullet. I’ve never tried it though.

When I was using Airdroid (some years ago), I was not satisfied (for reasons which I don’t remember anymore). It might have changed a lot since then of course.

Huh, that actually looks pretty good! Especially considering its cross-platform applications. My thanks, stranger!