Document Reader for FP2

Hello, very new FP2 owner here, still setting everything up. I wondered what document readers folk found works well with FP2? I’m thinking of the sort of thing that when I get an email with an attachment, I can load the attachment onto my phone & read it there.
Many thanks, smile:

You could give the “libreoffice viewer” a try. It can read different office filetypes.
I don’t know how stability is meanwhile as I stuck to an old version ( running quite flawless on Lollipop.
M$ has also some android apps, but I don’t know how usable they are.


For PDFs I use MuPDF from F-Droid.


I’ll throw Document Viewer (F-Droid) into the mix.
As well as the free (as in no-cost) SoftMaker Apps (Google Play Store), especially TextMaker Mobile and PlanMaker Mobile, but these serve as full-blown office Apps too, not only as viewers.


This also works fine for .epub ebooks and most recently .fb2 support.

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Many thanks all, I’ll get downloading & see how they work :smiley:

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