DOA phone - delay for return?

My DOA phone has been picked up 6 days ago and I’ve had no information, I mean no information at all, since the DHL delivery person picked up my phone (which is a good thing in itself -DHL had a lovecraftien sound to me since my experience with them at the initial delivery, I was quite upset to learn that the return had to go through them and was almost surprised to see the delivery person actually showed up at the expected time).
Does anyone know how long it takes approximately to receive the new phone? Will it be through standard postal services? Should I expect to be contacted (not by phone, I hope -_- ) at any point in the meantime?

(if there is any use, my return reference is 700003277 and my confirmation number is 762)

Well, you said DHL picked it up, so it will go through DHL.
If you wrote down the tracking number, you can check on the DHL website where the package is. It depends on your location how long it will take,so that’s difficult to say.

Thanks for your (lightspeed) answer!
It didn’t occur to me to check the tracking number on the printed thingy on the package :flushed: , I can now see, thanks to pdf magic, that the DOA phone has been delivered to Fairphone within 24h (5 days ago). That’s much more than what I knew 30 minutes ago, but there is no further information available :frowning:
Does it usually take long before the damaged phone is checked and a new one sent out?

I have read from some users here that replacements came quick (like appr. a week), once the phone was sent. But if you need to know urgently, i would recommend to give them a call. Otherwise you could give them a couple more days, maybe then you’ll have back your FP2. You’ll find the phone number of support on the bottom of the support page.

Thanks for the info. Replacement should now arrive soon enough, than :slight_smile:
I’ll try and phone next week if I don’t hear anything in the meantime, even though I’m not extatic about having to call for news/to speed things up to eventually get a working phone that I’ve now ordered 45 days ago :confused:

I eventually called : the phone hasn’t been checked yet (AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!), it should be today or monday, it’susually checked within the day, replacement phone is sent the next day and takes about today to arrive.
So if anyone going through the same adventure has the same question : it’s about 2 weeks from the day the phone is collected to the reception of a new phone (I’m in France, so I guess this works for a similar distance).

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Update : checking of the phone has been done this morning, so it took two weeks minus a few hours just to have it checked (which, by the way, is 5-7 days more than the delay I’ve been given on the phone when I called for news :confused: )! And no shipping yet. I guess it depends on activity, but it’s apparently more 3 weeks than 2 weeks (but the good news is we do have updates -via e-mail- at some point)

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