Do you know an open source alternative to embedded maps?

Wow, almost two years after I started this topic, we are as close as ever to embed the Fairphone Community Map here on the forum! We are only awaiting a response from the responsible developer, who can look into activating a Discourse plugin.

Up until then you can see a preview locally in your browser!

  1. Enter the browser’s console. (In Firefox press F12, in Chrome follow these instructions).
  2. Paste this code into the command line: var whiteListIframe = require('pretty-text/sanitizer').whiteListIframe; whiteListIframe(/^(https?:)?\/\/wearefairphone\.github\.io\/fprsmap/i);. Hit . (Reference)
  3. Paste the embed code into a new forum post and observe the map in the preview window! :smiley: (Fullscreen doesn’t work there… :frowning: )


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