Do you have cool ideas for forum badges?

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Not yet, BUT: I have an idea for an emoji: Make the Fairphone logo available as one, e.g. :Fairphone: should render as or just the blue star. :smiley:


How about the personas as badges? Is it possible to make badges that don’t have to be granted by moderators but members can choose for themselves?


that is a brilliant idea. Right now we are focussing on fixing some more basic issues with the forum (as preventing it from crashing) and getting it updated to the latest version. I hope this will happen within this month.

After that I will look into that for sure. Does anybody of you have a link or info on how you create such customized badges in Discourse? And if there would be a way to have community members award/pick them themselves?

So far I did not find a way that let’s forum moderators award badges very fast/easily without lot of manual steps, but I haven’t researched in the last few months.


I have an idea how it might work.
We could create a topic for every persona and make the persona badges be automatically granted if you reply to the corresponding topic.
I’d suggest to make the persona topics hidden and only accessible through another topic explaining what the personae (or is it personas?) are and to please only reply to one of the topics.

Btw other cool badge ideas can be found by searching the badges of other discourse platforms:

I also like the idea of a wiki editor badge but there is no implementation yet.

So did/will you look into new custom badges?

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I did not :frowning: and I’m leaving on a weeklong holiday tomorrow.

After that I’ll put it on my todo list or find a poor colleague to do it for me and you :flushed:


We should have FP2 pre-launch edition badges! :smiley:


How about a photo contest on a regular basis? Topics could be something like ‘My Fairphone in a special place’ (and I’m not talking about pictures taken BY a Fairphone but pictures that actually SHOW the Fairphone). The winner could receive a badge.


Can we do a Fairphone 2 owner badge? @Techaddict


Should be pre-order edition badge, am I right?


I think Joe’s proposal makes sense, but I also think we should introduce a Fairphone 1 owner badge as well then. We probably agree that this is not primarily about pride or merit, but providing useful information when someone posts a technical question about her or his FP.

However, breaking down to the FP1 and FP2 owner groups into even more sub-categories (“FP1 non-first edition owner”, “FP1U owner”, “FP2 special edition owner”, “FP2 non-special edition owner” …) would only create confusion. I definitely see and support the point of the very first “Fairphone First Edition Owner” badge (after all you guys risked the biggest plunge and made this whole thing possible in the first place), but apart from that, let’s keep it simple. :slight_smile:

I think a seperate badge for each FP1 and FP2 owner makes sense. This way you can easily tell in a discussion if someone is familiar to the phone that is talked about.
As @urs_lesse said it does not make much sense to divide into FP1, FP1U, FP2 'Special Edition and FP2. .

@Stefan actually has such a badge already or do you mean something different? :wink:

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That’s what I implicitly mentioned … Stefan is a “Fairphone First Edition owner”, i.e. the very first 25,000 – but there are 35,000 more FP1U owners not included in that.


So if the goal was a kind of special badge for the early crowdfunders before there was even mention of the FP2, would it make sense to split all this up into three badges: FP1 owner, FP2 owner, and a separate badge along the lines of ‘special edition owner’/‘Early adopter’ that can be granted alongside FP1/FP2?. Keeps the hardware overview simple (if we ignore the FP1/FP1u distinction because it doesn’t seem to be that relevant in any troubleshooting), but still allows a badge of honour if people like the idea of retaining it.

Edit: The current badge I think refers to the special edition FP1, which had a run of 10185 devices. It’s therefore more a badge of honour than a functional badge.


Yes we can add badges the things that are needed to create a badge:

  • Badge name
  • Badge icon/image (or
  • Badge type: gold, silver, bronze (might only be applicable to Font Awesome icon)
  • Badge description

For the rest of the discussion going on.

From technical perspective:
It might be easier and cleaner to have 2 badges (Fairphone 1 owner, Fairphone 2 owner)

From personal perspective:
If I would be a Fairphone 1 First Edition/Fairphone 2 backer I can imagine it would be cool to have a badge that says I helped kickstart production. But then again what use/value do these badges have to begin with, might be just me not really holding any value to these type of things. ; - ]

Maybe it would be nice to leave the decision up to the community by using a poll?


I grant Fairphone First Edition Owner badges to everyone, who is under the 25.000 (The first batch), I think. (Don’t they all say “First Edition” on the back?)

To everyone: Do you imaging, how much work it is to grant badges manually??? :wink: Maybe there is a Discourse extension/plug-in, which lets everyone enter their own phone next to their username?

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The easiest hack that I can think of is to grant everyone who replies to a specific topic, e.g. ‘I own an FP2’, an FP2 badge. There’s an example on the discourse forum that’s relevant here.


For the time being until this is figured out, I decided to use my superpowers and grant myself “FP1U owner” gold status in my profile. :innocent:


That’s a good alternative instead of using badges for that :smiley: copied.