Do not disturb mode on FP3

Am I being slow, or are the ‘do not disturb’ controls on FP3 behaving rather weirdly?

My usual DNT preferences is to silence all sounds - that worked perfectly fine on FP2. Now (a) even if everything is indeed on silent some in-app sounds still work (I noticed it with both Twitter and WhatsApp; (b) on the other hand this completely silences the in-app sounds of my meditation app, which is instructed to block all other apps, but - obviously - not itself!! (again, this worked fine in FP2 - I now assume that this is because the phone chose to use the ‘medium’ option of allowing some sounds but not notifications).

The only way to get the meditation app to allow it’s own sounds is if I allow media sounds as the default configuration for the DNT. Is there no ‘medium’ option in FP2? Is there any way to make these controls do what I need them to?

I just got my FP3 5 days ago and this was one of the first things I noticed, Whatsapp is overriding the Do Not Disturb setting. Big boo hiss for all the extra clicks needed to setup DND in Android 9 but even when I click everything to disable, alarms, media, starred contacts, everything, whats app messages still sound.

I found that there are some specific settings per notification in App settings under Whatsapp/notifications to enable ‘Override Do Not Disturb’ but I checked them all and all are off yet still my Whatsapp sounds in the night, very annoying.

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This is indeed a bug and not a feature. And it’s been around for quite a while now:


Yes, I can see how it would be a bug, as it doesn’t make much sense as a feature, but FP2 doesn’t have that problem, and I think that’s because a ‘medium’ DND option is not available on the FP3. And that would be a design feature.

BTW, the link you gave (which was a useful read, thanks!) says that it is a bug when using the ‘repeated caller’ option, which I am not. :confused:

Hi there. Just got my new FP3 and unfortunately setting Do Not Disturb mode does not block notification sounds and vibration from apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. It’s set to “Alarms only” and “No sound from notifications”.

Hi ranger, I moved your post to this existing topic about the same problem.

Hi. Impressed by my new FP3 except for this What’s App/DND glitch. Any indication of when/how it’ll be resolved?

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Solution to DND issue!
A v helpful person at Fairphone just directed me to
Settings/Do Not Disturb/Exceptions/Messages, events, etc which needs to be switched OFF>


DND works fine for me now after it did not previously - I don’t know what has changed (probably one of the previous Android 9 updates) but I tried all possible settings back then.