Do not disturb comes on when phone rings

Hi, when I receive a phone call ‘the do not disturb’ comes on and the caller can’t hear me. If I switch it off to receive the call, sometimes the caller can hear me and sometimes not?

AS you can imagine, the phone is not much use?

Do not disturb is always used during phone calls, and should not cause any problems with sound.

I have seen this issue before on the forum but I can’t find the thread right away, I hope someone else can find it.

Thanks Albert, I’ve been looking but unable to find a solution?

I have the same problem. I contacted Fairphone support, they suggest it may be to do with the proximity sensor, and have sent suggestions for a fix. But I now need to open the phone, and haven’t yet done that. The first fix didn’t seem to help. I need to look up how to open the phone too. Try contacting the support team.

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It happens to me alot also. The Solution:

  1. Ouvrir paramètres
  2. Aller tout en bas à Maintenance
  3. Cliquer sur Capteur de proximité
    Puis en suivant la démarche la sensibilité retombe.
    Bonne chance.

I have exactly the same problem. Whenever I make a call the do not disturb sign appears and no one can hear me.

If no one can hear you, then you likely have a problem with your microphone. Please test your microphone in Settings > Maintenance > Checkup. If your microphone is not working, most likely you need a replacement bottom module which you can get from Support if your phone is still under warranty, or otherwise order in the shop.

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