DNG file almost without color

when taking photos in RAW format with my Fp 3+ camera, the result is almost without color, but the related JPG is correct.
Is someone else experiencing this?

I have some experience with RAW, both of my DSLRs are using it, and currently I am working almost daily with Lightroom.

I would normally expect a RAW file to deliver the colors with the same attributes as the (compressed) JPG, but not in this case.

In the histogram I see that the colors are there, but the picture is, indepedent of the software I am using to view them, almost monochrome.

Perhaps you may try to take a picture in RAW with your gear, and tell me about the results?

This night I will experiment a bit, and possibly report the results.

I am a strong supporter of Fairphone and the idea behind it, but I am currently in doubt of the camera’s quality, and especially the camera app …

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Yes the raw image is/was very pale almost like over exposure.

I put one picture through Lightroom, and it worked out quite all right, but I am still a little confused about why the colors look so dull in the first place. I think my knowledge about color representation and processing is not good enough to evaluate it correctly, but I hope someday I will be enlightened … :wink:

A jpeg picture normally gets quite enhanced… You’re “supposed to” develop a raw image, e.g. adjusting for camera characteristic, white balance (if not matching) sharpness and color saturation, among others. A raw picture is a form of general representation that needs to be transferred according to output destination (i.e. web, screen or paper). Shooting in raw requires you to develop a work flow, which i guess most of the time is overkill for normal smartphone pictures (imho)

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… except for the good ones :wink:

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