DJI GO 4 app not starting anymore on Fairphone 4 with official Android 12

Hi everybody,

I don’t exactly know since when, but the DJI GO 4 app won’t start anymore on my Fairphone 4. I have the most recent official android and the most recent app version. Tried to uninstall and reinstall it, but it’s always the same – a very brief blue screen and back to the screen from where I try to start it.

Anyone similar experiences?

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Same here. This sucks majorly.


FP4 FP4.SP29.B.069.20230510

Dji 4.3.37

App does launch for 1 second, dji logo shortly visible, then app is not visible anymore. Home screen visible. When clicking “switch app” (the square), the current app is shown as dji.

Here a screenshot of the app in this state.

To make this clear: I do not see the dji app, it is instantly minimized. Only the screenshot tool sees it.


Make sure you #contactsupport so that the problem gets properly documented.
The forum isn’t thoroughly read by FP staff.

Yes it sucks majorly.
Is the app working for anyone with a FP4?
If yes, which versions (Android/app)?

At which point should it crash? :thinking:
I can get this far on my FP4 running CalyxOS (Android 13), app version is 4.3.54.

Don’t have a DJI account / drone, so I can’t really test more than that, sorry.


Thank you for testing! It crashes immediately. So it seems to work for you with CalyxOS.

It works for me now. Dji Go 4 starts again. I didn’t fly the drone yet, but I guess that works, too.

I downloaded the latest version 4.3.54 of DJI Go 4 from

It seems the app is not in play store anymore and does not update automatically, I can’t find it in play store.

I contacted support and they sent me a checklist containing steps for how to fix apps (update to newest version, restart, clear cache, …) which I followed. I have Play Store configured on “update automatically” , so I thought it just updates itself. When I wanted to compare version number of local app and Play Store app, I realized Dji Go 4 seems not to be in Play Store anymore.


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