DIY waterproofing Fairphone 5

I’m looking for my next phone. The lack of waterproofing on Fairphone 5 puts me off. Has anyone tried waterproofing it by opening and reassembling with a bit of sealant? Seems an obvious thing to have a go at but I see no posts from anyone who’s tried. Obviously can’t put sealant in the ports but other phones have used rubber plugs for this in the past- no point thinking about that if the case in general can’t be sealed. The sealant would have to be cut, removed and reapplied when the phone needs to be opened but that doesn’t seem too bad compared with dropping my non-waterproof phone in the loo on holiday as a friend did in the past year.


I doubt that works. The back must be able to be removed to insert a SIM. It is designed in such a way that the panel comes loose easily. In addition, you lose the purpose for which the Fairphone was created. Then choose something else.

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