Display Touchscreen left edge problems


I have big problems with my left side of the touch screen. I can´t use the last 10% of the left side.
It jumps to left edge of the display. See picture.

I cleaned all the display contacts. But nothing help.
It happens after software update. But I´m not sure that this is the problem?

The phone is now 1,5 years old.
Display problems and the case is falling apart :expressionless:

Can I recalibrate the display?


Go to Settings
Go to Maintenance
Go to Checkup
Go on "Drawing"
and see what happens

Go to Settings again
At the bottom of the screen you will find “About phone”, tab on it
Go to Updater and which version does it says there?

See the picture in the first post. It jumps straight to the left edge of the display :open_mouth:

Build-number: FP2-userdebug 6.0.1 FP2 fp2-sibion-17.12.1 release-keys (Fairphone open OS)

Both seem hardware defects (from your description) and are usually covered by warranty (for the first two years). See the troubleshooter (for the display “the touch function is defective”; the case issue is easier to find) for which details to supply to Fairphone support so they can help you.

OK thanks. I will contact the support. I hope they answer.

At the moment I can use my Phone with small restrictions.

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