Display textmessage on locked screen

Lock screen notifications is enabled. Still I only get notifications from Face book (which I really don´t need). I would very much like the textmessages to show on the locked screen and missed calls aswell. Anyone who knows how to fix that?

you can use Dash Clock to show notifications on your lockscreen. there are also some extensions like one for k9 mail.

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Thank you Paul, I´ll try Dash clock.

Ok, now the tricky question of making it work remains…

once you have dashclock installed you have to go to an empty page of your lockscreen and click the big + icon. you’ll be taken to the extensions part of the dashclock settings. there you can choose what notifications will be shown (missed calls, texts, mail, calender events , alarms, weather, …).
click the tick symbol and you’ll have dashclock on your lockscreen. now you’ll just have to move it to your main lockscreen page (or remove the clock or whatever widget you have on the main lockscreen page)

oh wait a minut. when you say you want notifications on your ‘locked scree’ are you talking about the lockscreen or about the black screen when the phone is locked?

Hi again
With locked screen I mean the screen that appears when I press the on/off-button on the right top of the phone. That´s where I unlock the phone with a four number code.

One more thing, I don´t find a big + - icon…?

Before you enter the code slide down from the top half of the screen (there is probably a clock). The numbers for the code should dissappear. Now you can slide to the left or right to get to an empty screen or you can longtap the clock to remove it (dashclock widget comes with a clock, so you won’t need the additional clock on the screen). Now you should see the + symbol.

I made a quick screen shot:

Thank you, now I´ve got it!

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Glad you got it sorted!

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