Display modulus help in Vienna (or close)

Dear Fairphone users in Vienna and Surroundings ,

Unfortunatelly, my fairphone 2 has problems with the screen, basically there is a weird noise when I turn it on, and therefore I can not use the phone.

The support service of fairphone, told me that is either the core module (so I would have to send the phone to the Netherlands) or change the display modulus (so I would need a new one).

But before doing any of this, I was wondering if I can meet with someone that could let me his/her display modulus, just to check if is that part the one that is broken, and therefore don’t buy the display modulus without knowing if it would work.

Thank you so much!!!


Welcome to the community forum.
Please have a look at #fairphoneangels for contact info.

Nice, Thanks for the info!

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