Display issues with coloured noise/freezes

my display is often unresponsive or shows coloured noise, sometimes it freezes completely, but by the sound and the vibration responses i can tell that this is only the display. i have reconnected the display multiple times and cleaned the contacts. this helps for a day or two after which the problems start again. the problems also get progressively worse, it starts off with only little visual glitches and then over the course of a day or two it becomes worse until the phone is unusable. so far it has always gone back to normal after reconnecting the display. I dont know if I should just buy a new display because the problem might be with the connector and as i understand it buying a new display doesnt allow me to switch out that part.

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I suggest you search for more information

Here is an example of what you can find (resolution is often resolved by disassemble and reassembly due to screws not being effectively engaged)

Thanks for the tip, the problem is that I have tried that solution multiple times and it doesn’t help, the noise just keeps coming back.

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The connector is two part pressure contact: part on the display and part on the core module, which had you disassembled you would know > so you can not change the part on the core module.

However if my memory serves well enough the ‘pogo’ or sprung contacts are on the core module and you can clean that part of the interface and test each pin to see if it rises and falls under slight pressure.

You say you have done that multiple times but it isn’t clear what you have done as "I indicate in my first > “the connector and as i understand it buying a new display doesnt allow me to switch out that part.” Simply it implies you haven’t taken it appart to know by saying you 'understand@

So if you don’t know as you haven’t removed the screen, and even if you have the tension of the screws can be critical if the ‘pogo’ pins are not working as designed > or they could just be tarnished.

Sadly I’m not clear about what you have done and am In a bit of limbo as to how to ‘help’

You may find a #fairphoneangel close enough to meet up with that has a ‘spare’ display.

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I have worded that poorly, I have taken apart multiple times as I said and I know that the connector is made up of two parts, as I said I have cleaned and have put it back together afterwards. That has helped to fix the issue for a couple of days everytime I have done it.
Why I wasn’t sure if ordering replacement parts could help me is because I don’t know what parts you get and what part is broken. I dont know how to find out if the half of the connector that is attached to the screen needs to be fixed or the other part. If it was the part attached to the screen I could easily fix it by buying a new one, but I don’t know if I could if the other part was the problem, unless there’s a way to buy the part of the Fairphone where all the modules are screwed into.
So I guess what I’m actually asking is if there is a way to find out which half of the connector is the problem without having to buy a new display. I’m sorry, I should have made that clearer in the initial post.


Not exactly but you can rule out the display of you can find a #fairphoneangel that has one that you can use to if it is the screen.