Display issue or Mainboard broken?

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Problem description/epicrisis: I rode my (street) bike up a mountain today. The Fairphone 3+ was in the handlebar mount for the entire ride. It must have shaken the phone too much on the descent that it stopped working at some point.
First the display froze, then I saw a horizontal strip about 2 cm thick with image errors and finally it went out completely and stayed black. The smartphone no longer responds at all.
No LED when I charge it, no reaction to the sleep/wake button no Vibration after replacing the Battery and trying to start the phone.

Previous history of the phone: I had water damage twice before, which I was able to fix each time by disassembling and drying (in a dehydrator). Since then there has been a small shadow on the display in the top right corner, but otherwise no problems. There are no signs of corrosion or anything similar on the inside.

Questions: What is most likely to be broken? The display or the mainboard?
Would an FP3 without a display boot up and vibrate on startup?
Is there any way to recover my data?

Thanks for your interest and hopefully good ideas :wink:

Perhaps the battery isn’t making enough contact. Check if it is a bit loose. Sometimes a small piece of paper between the battery and the case can do the trick.

Thank’s for your reply.
No, it’s not the battery. Also a FP3 would work without Battery if plugged into a charger.


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I’ve changed the battery on my running FP3 plugged to a power source via USB-c several times
Try it! You can remove the battery and replace it and the phone won’t power off as long as it is plugged to a power source
…but yeah. Maybe booting on external power supply without battery is a different story

I have the same problem and have not yet been able to solve it. I tried a new battery, but it didn’t help. have you found a solution in the meantime?

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