Display doesnt turn

Hi guys, my FP Fell down & now the display doesnt turn automatically any more. Hardware Problem??? I’d be happy to geht some ideas!

Are you talking about the orientation of the screen?

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Yup! doesn’t turn when I turn the phone.

At the risk of sounding stupid … you did check the settings (is “Auto Rotation” activated), didn’t you?

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Else, have a look here. The post explains sensor calibration. If that doesn’t work, the sensor might be broken. Also some applications might block auto-rotate for some reasons. So check that nothing is interfering with it.

Des, auto rotation is avtivated. Will check out the link now, thanks in advance!

There is also a hardware test mode. Maybe there is also a test included for the sensors as well. Not sure, I have to check that. Be careful not to run the emmc check, it might hurt your data if you choose the wrong opinion.

Hi there! After calibration didn’t work out, I checked the G-Sensor in testing mode - realised there that there upper left number (is that the X-value??) did not change when moving the phone - that probably means that the G-sensor is broken, does it? If yes - is it possible to fix by oneself??? Thanks already for help! :slight_smile:

@fp1_wo_sw_updates for further reference, sensors can most easily be tested using an app like SatStat.

I’m summoning @paulakreuzer. Do you have an idea where the gyrosensor is located? Motherboard or daugtherboard? I don’t think it’s a part itself, but soldered to one of the two boards unfortunately…

Sorry, no idea.

And then some characters

Hi Stefan, bot SatStat in the phone now but how does it work to check the gyrosensor???

You have to go to the second tab and check if the values are changing constantly when you move your phone.

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