Display crashed after cars drove over it

Hi all,
some weeks ago I drove an E-Scooter in Brussels and my FP4 jumped out of the phone holder and landed face down on the street … two cars drove over it and then the display looked like this:

The phone still worked and I ordered a new display (+ the screwdriver) and replaced it using this video. Worked perfectly! (only the music got on my nerves :slight_smile: ).
I’m really impressed how robust this phone is!


Congratulations :+1:

If anyone else needs to exchange the display and might like “static” text + pictures instructions better, IFixit has them: Fairphone 4 Screen Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide


This is the exact moment where a Fairphone owner is a happy person.
It costs only a few days and basis skills to get your device back to work.
Nice one!


You should be glad your phone did not trigger an emergency alarm like this:

Would be at least awkward if they told you you triggered an emergency with fire brigade, emergency vehicle and police attending…

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Yes, I actually read this too and was wondering how/if you can activate/deactivate these settings in Android?

I believe it’s better to leave this setting alone. If you get into a situation where you want an emergency call, you may not be able to change this setting.

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