Dismantle camera module

Hey Community. Have someone tried to dismantle a module? Especially the camera module? I wonder if there’s a way to swap just the lenses instead of the hole module. But then there’s the question of getting the fitting parts… Maby broken modules with intact lenses… Won’t this even push the longlivety?

Also see this video by Hugh Jeffreys at 3:15: The Phone Thats Fighting Big Tech - Fairphone 4 Teardown and Repair Assessment - YouTube

It looks like it is possible to dismantle the individual camera modules. But as you already mentioned: since the camera modules are not available seperately it would not really help to dismantle the module. You need to ask the Fairphone support, if they ever plan to change this. But I think, there are good reasons why this was done this way.

The modules are available

You mean the actual separate cameras in the [rear camera module] :thinking:

It may be possible to buy the individual cameras.

Using the linked video it is possible to see the part numbers and maybe a search will find replacements.


Yes, obviously I was talking about the invidual cameras and not the whole module which contains the cameras. And just having part numbers does not mean you can get them. As I said - you need to ask Fairphone directly how to get the cameras. But since they don’t offer them as spare part in the shop I doubt that they are on sale for end users at all.

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Yes, I already did that but couldn’t find any. I asked the support and wait for an answer. Thanks so far.

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Which of the rear cameras, or is it both ?

Both cameras. Do you got any? :wink:

No I was just wondering as I have been searching for some :slight_smile:

actually I guess buying the lenses alone will not be cheaper and and will not save that much electronic waste, so I would actually not waste any further energy (internet, yours…) in finding this out and order a new module at vireo.de. :wink:

Yeah, I think similar but to recycle broken modules should be a thing. And as seen in the video it’s really easy. I will wait for supports answer and when I’m lucky, someone of the community has a module fit my expectations and is willing to trade. I keep you updated. When nothing works, I will of course buy a new module. The shop you mentioned looks promising.

A couple of thing worth noting

  • If you buy the module via Fairphone it has a warranty for 2 years.
  • Any unauthorised repair may void the otherwise 4 or 5 year warranty you may have.

As expected support won’t share their suppliers contact. So I have to stick to a module. My thoughts about this are mixed but that’s another topic. By now nobody has come forward to trade a used module so I will scratch some coins and buy a new one.

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