Discussion on the List of Local Repair Shops

I think the list of local repair shops is one of the most helpful pieces of information on the forum. However, I believe that it might require some more specification so that it does not create misunderstandings. Specifically, it should get some sort of little pre-text pointing out that almost all of the repair shops and repairs listed have dealt with FP1s. Perhaps an additional sentence stressing that most FP2 repairs can be done by FP2 owners themselves would make sense.

I didn’t just want to add this without discussion, so let’s figure out how to deal with it.



Please note:

Almost all of the repair shops listed here have only dealt with Fairphone 1 (FP1) issues.

If you have an issue with a Fairphone 2 (FP2), you should always consult the official Fairphone 2 Troubleshooting Tool first. It allows you to fix numerous issues with your FP2 yourself, often without any additional tools other than your bare hands. In some cases, you will only need a Phillips #0 screwdriver. If all the instructions in the Troubleshooting Tool cannot fix your issue, it also helps you to phrase a request to Fairphone Support.

Eventually, FP2 repairs in local repair shops make sense almost exclusively when your FP2 warranty is already voided (e.g. in case of water damage).

If there’s no objection, I’ll insert this around noon on saturday.


I have inserted it now.


Thanks, Urs, additional documentation can never do damage! :slight_smile: :+1:

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