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Following which guide?
Did you use this one? … #dic:fastboot

Hello everyone,

Thank you very much for this tutorial! I managed to follow all the steps with ubuntu (although the script needed to be made executable, for this I had to ask for help).

Anyway, since yesterday evening my phone is rebooting, I waited one whole night. I tried to turn it off and on this morning several times, still nothing. Then I tried removing the SIM card and it came to the screen “preparing settings” (or something similar) but remained on that screen. Since then I have tried turning it off and on again but it stays at the main Fairphone screen “change is in your hands”, maybe I should leave it like that a few hours and see what happens?

Do you have any suggestions? I was really looking forward to FP Open… Hope it will work.

Thank you very much!

Which package did you download/install? There is a manual update package and a manual switcher package - the latter is the package you need. It contains a few more partition images than the former one.

Thank you for your answer!

I’m not sure but I think I used “fp2-sibon-18.04.1-manual.zip” so apparently the wrong one… I hope that is the problem. It means I used one which is actually made for updating a device already running FP Open?

I will try again as soon as I’m home (I’m currently traveling). Thanks!

Exactly, this image is meant for upgrading only. I wish you best luck!

So, I tried installing Fairphone Open yesterday evening using the correct image and it worked perfectly! :smile:
Thank you!

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