Discussion about SSD/eMMC

SSD? What makes you think that?

SSD Solid State Drive for the internal memory. Have I got the term wrong?

No, it is just more common to refer to eMMC in the mobile world (which is actually the communication protocol with the storage chip.)


Seems that is not quite the case

.eMMC and SSD are two types of storage that you’d usually find on budget laptops and tablets. A casual user would hardly understand how these two stand in front of each other. However, it is important to know in order to get the full value of your money. That’s why I’m sharing this very simple eMMC vs SSD guide.

In this post, we are going to take a look at a brief comparison between Embedded MultiMediaCard and Solid-State Drive. We will compare them on different bases like performance, speed, affordability, etc to find out which one is better than the other. Most importantly, which one should you choose?
eMMC vs SSD: Which One is Better in 2021? [Brief Comparison]

UPDATE: However, saying all the above, the FP3 uses the Samsung KMRH60014A-B614, which is an eMMC not an SSD

So thanks for the nudge to better understand. :slight_smile:

however I can not find that chip on eMMC | eSTORAGE | Samsung Semiconductor

maybe it’s very old ??

I could post another link to a site stating the technical specification, but I think it will not suite the title of this thread well…

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Thanks I have the specs.

Good … and now back to topic, please…

Ok so you want to argue the toss that my comment of the SSD and eMMC issue is off topic.

a) this topic is about what the surprise may be
b) I termed the memory as SSD
c) Another person wanted to point out that SSD was another name for eMMC so I looked that up and found that wasn’t quite correct so I responded.

All good to there.

The surprise may be with a 128 eMMC not a 128 SSD, I stand informed

but then you wanted to add your bit, to the memory specs that you now consider off topic ??

The you ask me to not go off topic or back to topic by an even more off topic issue of trying to control what I post.

If you have an issue with me that’s fine, but don’t try and shut me up. Well actually you can but it is unlikely to work.

Awaiting your next attempt :slight_smile:



What a surprise this is going to be.
So it may be a 128Gb SSD, a wireless earbud pair and and a case (700 Euros)

Posting technical specs about the FP3 is off-topic here, isn’t it?

It was your idea to offer the specs which were not asked for, my posts were only to clarify that I understood the critique of me using the term SDD and providing an update of the issue I was challenged on an sources.

There was no intent to hijack the thread to talk about the specs of the FP3 but info from the FP3 help to clarify if the 128GB was going to be an SSD or not.

All this is just speculation on the FP4 but I imagine it is going to be an eMMC and not an SSD.

How? You can get 128 GB as eMMC and SSD…

Sorry don’t understand the question?
Are you sure you are not going off topic

I do not know, maybe you want to tell me…? I have been referring to this statement of yours:

Oh you mean how did it help clarify as both are available.
a) The one in the FP3 is a Samsung eMMC
b) all the SSDs I saw were much bigger and not so suitable for a mobile phone

so I’m going for an eMMC for the FP4, especially as the FP4 is about 22% thinner

In terms of capacity or chip size itself?

Physical size only :slight_smile:
Thickness > 1 to 1.2mm for the eMMC (128/256)

From what I have gathered SSD are more like plugin device and not a soldered chip

Small BGA package sizes and low power consumption make eMMC a viable, low-cost memory solution for mobile and other space-constrained products. These types of devices either don’t need or can’t fit an SSD. Hence eMMC is a great solution. Embedded Multimedia Card (eMMC) | Delkin Devices

I’m learning a lot of pretty useless information :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be nice if the chip was replaceable in terms of sustainability?

For reference: Steam Deck is gonna have NVMe. Now that’s some speed right there. The cheapest version has eMMC though.

The term SSD in this context is just confusing. People usually mean SATA SSD with SSD, and there’s also (micro)SD in this context, so I’d avoid the term in this context (or add SATA or NVMe to it).


Wow people slow down. I arrived to read some ideas about new FP4, not to read about your fight of ssd and emmc. I think you could continue in the private chat.
Now lets stick to the topic. We have some leaks and 2 videos, but just some guessing about he proccessor, screen etc. We’ll see everything on 30th of September.
I’m sure there will be some leaks until then.


Thank you @Stanzi and @Alex.A for taking care and moving this discussion.

Right, not to forget M.2…