Discussion about censorship and/or the rules of this forum

About censorship on this forum.

There are not many comments about that. But i receive some testimonies in private.

No more later that today, in a reply on a thread, i have my message “flaged by community” (censored by the moderator).

But why, on a community (user) forum, i cannot give my opinion without the “fear” to have my message suppressed (will this post survive?).

This is my message:

I know this bug, i’m also affected. I’m also waiting for fix. I also want to know more about this bug. What is the cause, why is still not fixed? Is Fairphone is working on this bug?
This is about communication and about the bug. I’m not spamming the forum to sell you pills or whatever.

But Fairphone don’t like negative critics or really lets “the community” decide.

From my user point of view, when community “management” consist to ban critics, you have a serious problem with your goal. In particular when you try to have a “fair” project.


Alexisju has been banned.

I don’t understand why, as long as:

  • he has a criticizing but constructive approach
  • he does not insult people or say wrong things about fairphone

Please moderators explain us the reason he has been banned, or let him be back in the game.


Dear all,

The moderator team feels hesitant to respond in public on private decisions that involve community members and their accounts. But we also feel we need to explain why we take certain decisions.

A good starting point for this discussion is to read the forum guidelines

The only reason why accounts can be suspended is if people are repeatedly violating these forum rules.

As you can see in this topic above the team and Alexsju disagreed on what is censorship and what is the job of a moderator: keeping the forum, open and tidy so it is a welcome and informative place for all.

Posts can and will be removed on any forum. This can be because the posts are spammy, insulting, repetitive or just not adding to the discussion. Moderators remove posts with a clear goal in mind: keep the forum readable and informative. It is never to censor criticism.

In this case, we’ve had numerous private messages with Alexisju asking him to change his behavior. We asked multiple times to stop re-posting the same messages, stop posting off-topic messages and stop posting requests to the team of Fairphone. Not only did he not change his behavior, also he was insulting the volunteer forum moderators.

Everyone who violates the forum rules gets a warning and so did Alexisju. That warning lead only to more threats and insults instead of understanding. Because we do not have a feeling this will change any time soon and to protect the forum, we suspended this account.

I hope this clarifies. We do appreciate the many contributions Alexisju did on the forum, but being an old and contributing member of a forum will never grant you the rights to violate forum rules and verbally abuse the moderators.

If you have anymore questions about this, please send me or any other moderator a DM or contact me at community@fairphone.com.

This is also an open invitation to Alexisju to email me to discuss this. Me and the other moderators hope that we can come to an understanding, shake hands and continue in a critical, but positive manner.

EDIT: The account of Alexisju has been reactivated automatically after a 2 day suspension.