Discussing racist language

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Well a) that’s hardly useful info and b) I’ve never heard of a chinky make of camera _ I’ll look it up.

Did a search and could not find that make of camera ??

I hope you are not using a racist term to denigrate Chinese or East Asian manufacturers.

A racist term, derived by the word “chink”, to describe anyone of Eastern Asian descent (i.e. Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc.)

From general info the East Asians make most of the best cameras in the world,

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Thanks for explaining your use if that ‘rascist’ word.

The other info though didn’t really help in that respect.

If you feel the desire to continue this I’ll create a specific topic on the use of racist derogatory words as i would not want you or anyone to think I was moralising on a person’s use of language.

By the way I wasn’t looking for racist / ism just querying the use of such words.

If one oft you wants to continue this please do this via PM and not in this public forum. thanks


May I ask why a (in my opinion very legitimate) reference to racist language should not be further discussed publicly here? This is not only something that concerns @amoun and @rhqq but all of us. I am not personally “hit” by the expression, but still it bothers me tremendously when derogatory language is used in the forum. This should be able to be named and discussed. And especially in the case of this forum in the context of a product that emphasizes fair and dignified interaction with other people, I don’t understand the reflex at all to say that this is something private. It’s not, it’s social.


@juri.gagarin.ii I would differentiate between naming and discussing. For sure naming it belongs here, but discussing a single word/user behaviour in depth does not belong here.

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I’m sorry if I can’t agree with you there. If @rhqq had said something like “oh, sorry, I wasn’t aware of that”, then I would say: OK, that’s it. But he/she edited the original post and wrote:

That still implies a belittling of those who have to endure the belittling original post (and those who speak against such behavior). And that should also be discussed (not only, but especially) in a forum like this one: how do we want to treat each other. So far I’ve always found the forum here pleasantly different from many others, but if a discussion around belittling behavior is not wanted, it seems doubtful to me.


@juri.gagarin.ii the difficulty with such topics is that they tent be held personally and emotionally and not objective.

I have seen this also in this forum quite often a few months ago, still it would have been better to not state it they way I did, but rather I should have explained it better and in a more positive manner. So thanks for being more patient than I was and explaining your view in a very objective and kind way.

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