Discussing Modularity: the Puzzlephone

So here’s a thing I stumbled upon, that’s only just now starting a crowdfunding campaign of its own: a third approach to “Modular Phones”.

Obviously from an ethical standpoint it can’t beat the FP 2, not unless if promises to make similar efforts towards fairer sourcing and manufacturing.

But on the other hand, their modular hardware concept actually seems to be a much more sensible approach as opposed to Project Ara - allowing users to buy very-specifically-tailored “Brains” and “Hearts” for their phone put together by independent programmers. It also looks a little longer-lasting than Ara purports, with modules capable of working for a solid decade.

So, gang, what do you think of the idea?


Quite interesting! I like the idea of being an open standard where other companies can also provide modules.

In terms of modularity, I prefer the Fairphone 2 because there is more modules, thus, changing a module could be less expensive.

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I like the idea that the core “brain” of the phone could be changed/upgraded… But for all the rest I definitely prefer Fairphone.
Anyway I’m glad to see these modular project, like for example chooseblocks, the modular smartwatch.

I also really like the idea to upgrade parts of a mobile device and the approach to manufacture the phone is Europe. For me FP is the better approach especially from the ethical view. But anyway it is nice to see that other companies are growing up making sustainable and modular mobile devices.

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More and more projects popping up, which supporting at least one of the core values of Farirphone (repairability, sustainability, modularity, conflict minerals, worker conditions, etc…)

Maybe we can start a Wiki as an overview about similar projects than Fairphone with comparisons of which main goals they address and which of the FP core values they don’t cover (or in which way they do) and how the recent stage of the project is and if FP is connected to it in any way?
@Stefan, what do you think?

Should be separated in Moblie Phones and other IT stuff (which is still quite rare)…
Cheers, Robert


I agree, having diversity is more likely to bring more innovations in the mix

Sounds like something, @paulakreuzer would be interested in. In any way, you can create a new topic and flag it up to the mods, so we can wikify it.

PS: I like the idea! :slight_smile: