Disconnected antenna cable socket from the motherboard - do I need a new motherboard?

So this is what happened: I cracked my FP1 display, bought a new one and went on to repair it on my own. Sadly I wasn’t carefull enough and when disconnecting the antanna cable connecter I accidently disconnected the entire socket from the motherboard. The result is a working FP, except that it doesn’t connect well to the phone network. So most of the time I can’t call anybody and can’t be called either.

So my question is: should I buy a new motherboard in order to have a fully functional FP1 again? Or should it be repairable?

Can you provide pictures, maybe it can be soldered onto the mainboard again?

Pictures might help. See above. I’m not sure if a new motherboard is really a good idea financially. But it depends on what you/can want to spend. I’m also not sure about software updates for the FP1 … especially after keesj leaving. Is your usb port still okay?

Here’s a pic. I circled the loose cable (1) and the place were it should be on the motherboard (2). This helps?

usb-port is still okay. In fact everything is okay, except for this cable. What do you mean with the software updates? I should be able to replace the motherboard without problems, shouldn’t I?

I’m not a super expert regarding antennas (there two “cables” one for shielding and one for the “antenna”?) but from my perspective it could work, maybe not as perfect as before but somehow better.

I would just try and test it. It can only get better. You just need someone with good soldering skills or a hacker space or something near by. Good luck and keep us updated.

And wait a bit … maybe others have better ideas as well :wink:

Yes, that should work. The usb-port often has issues as well, that’s why I’m asking. Currently there are no software updates for the FP1, only an unofficial port (not supported by FP) for 4.4.4 with security fixes.

But once you remove the old plug from the cable you should be able to install a new motherboard if you really want to try that. I’m just not sure if the FP1 is “worth” it software/hardware-wise. But that’s up to you, not me!

I usually send people with a broken USB socket to phone repair stores (in Vienna there are at least two) because they can microsolder parts on the motherboard. The same should apply here.

So I advice you to bring your phone to such a store and ask if they can fix it. Microsoldering a USB socket costs 39€, the antenna cable shouldn’t be much more. In comparison with a new motherboard for over 100€ it is definitely worth it.

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