Disconnect/mute when on phone

Since some weeks, when I’m on the phone, occasionally my microphone gets muted and I cannot get it unmuted again. Result: I hear the person I’m talking to, yet they don’t hear me anymore. Right before that, I hear a short beep.

I suspect that my ear, while on the phone, wipes some menu down and select the muting…

So: how can I prevent that from happening?
And: when it happens: how can I unmute again? (It is not sufficient to (de)select the ‘do not disturb’ icon in the swipe-down menu.)

Thanks for help

I guess just by clicking on the unmute button in the dialer app? Doesn’t it work?

Thanks - will try that next time it happens.

But… do you also have suggestions for preventing it from happening? It happens significantly more often than in the years before and I don’t think I am doing different things with my ear :-/

You should check or calibrate the proximity sensor, as the display should switch off automatically, when moving the phone to the ear.


Ah! Thanks. I cleared that area now, will see if that helps. Else: how do I calibrate the sensor?

Check here: https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001041206-Troubleshoot-your-Fairphone-2-issue
Fairphone2->Display->My display stays on during a call


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