Disappointing not to be able to buy spare parts

We have been following Fairphone for some years on account of sustainability. At the first opportunity, we bought some headphones for your young adult, who loves to listen to music but has had a hard time taking care of stuff, so we have gone through a lot of headphones through the years. Coming across Fairphone headphones we thought that we could repair regular damage and extend the lifetime of the headphones. After one day both of the headbands broke, no problem I will buy new ones, no can do, we do not send them to your country, by the way, I live in Iceland we are not in a different continent, we do not use Icebrakers and sled dogs to move goods to Iceland we are 3.5 hours away by airplane and move peoble and stuff to this island all the time. I was sure looking at the oneline store that it was an honest mistake that Iceland was not listed as a country Fairphone sends to, but no mistake, Fariphone does not send to Iceland but recommends we buy your spare parts from an online store in Taiwan or the US, great so much for sustainability. 3 months and nothing from Korea, 3 months looking at the broken headphones with no obvious way to fix them. Contacting Fairphone regarding this has been like Litle Britain sketch “Computer says no”

Where did you order the headphones initially?

The weak heaband base is a design error so your reseller should handle this warranty case for you.


Hi there :slight_smile: They were bought in a store in Iceland a sister store to a nordic brand in a country that Fairphone sells it products to. The store which I have contacted has no or limited spare parts and no knowledge of a design flaw although they thought it strange the headband would brake on the first day(or so). Not witnessing the incident my self I was reluctant to blame this on the headphones, my daughter is autistic and well things tend to brake on a cation. My main complaint is not to be able to access spare parts from the source

You are complaining in a user forum, and we cant change how is FP handling the way or countries they ship to.

Go back to the reseller and let them handle this, thats their job.


Out of curiousity: Did you buy it from ELKO?

For others here: Fairphone announced on 6 November 2023 that the ELKO group was starting to distribute Fairphone (not specified which products) in Iceland.

Source: Instagram

P.S. (17:30 h): ELKO apparently offers FP4 spares, but none for the FP5 nor the Fairbuds XL (at least not yet).


Hi yes, Elko is the seller, which I have nothing bad to say about, just want to be able to buy spare parts from Fairphone.

Hi. I am so sorry I must have misread the description of the sub-forum.

This should help with the reseller


Thank you so much what a good and supportive advice. I will do that

Maybe this helps you: reichelt.de is a german electronic distributor. They sell several things from FP and I can select Iceland as target. The postage and packing will be 30€!

A search for Fairphone at Reichelt:


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My advice is to order multiple and keep spares. I have 3 spares in a drawer all the time (I replaced 3 already).

If you don’t find a store that ships to you, PM me and I can ship them from my place (Switzerland), but I still have to check how much it costs.


Thank you Marius, with the info I got here I went to the store and have a new one, probably have to buy extra headbands.