Disappointing customer service

The bluetooth phone audio wasn’t working in my newly-bought 2nd batch fairphone, but since it was more than 2 weeks since purchase, Fairphone wouldn’t allow me a replacement. Instead, I had to send the phone off (at my expense) to Fairphone. When it returned, it still doesn’t work.

My son and daughter both have second generation Fairphones and both of their phones work perfectly with both of my in-car kits (of different makes), but mine still doesn’t work.
I am still waiting for a reply to my message to the support team on 5th November asking what exactly they discovered when they investigated my phone, and whether they’ve actually done any repair.

I support the idea of fairphone and am happy to pay a higher price to be sure that the best possible ethical practices are followed in making a product that I will buy, but I still expect a reasonable level of customer support, just the same as any other phone manufacturer. I am disappointed that I don’t seem to be getting that level of support.

Is there anyone here who can get an answer for me?


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble wit your Fairphone.

There are some problems with Bluetooth which are software related and should hopefully be fixed in the next update. I see you say that your Son & Daughters FPs work fine with your in-car kits, so could you describe what’s happening when you try with yours and see if we can answer from within the community.

I’m tagging @anon90052001 (Fairphone Community Manager) to see if we can get you a response to your support ticket from the 5th.


Dear @rod,

Sorry to hear of your negative experience. My colleagues on the support team are responding to you by private email by end of today to find a solution for you.

Thanks for your patience. We’ll take your feedback to improve our processes in the future.