Disappointed in Fairphone OS

When I first got my Fairphone, I didn’t see much problems with the OS, everything was working good enough.

After a month or so, I started experiencing Bluetooth issues with all headphones and accessories.

The performance started tanking after 3 months. Picture in Picture (Netflix/GMaps) almost crashes the phone.

Now (9 months in), I’m starting to experience more and more issues with the phone randomly crashing while using it, and opening apps or rotating the phone sometimes crashes or freezes the phone for a minute.

I suppose that the latter issues are related to battery health, which is unexplainable to me as I took a lot of care of not straining the battery.

Why is there no support for using an SD as internal storage. An SD slot isn’t really any good without that option.

Am I the only one with these issues?

What good is a sustainable phone if it needs more repairs (supposing these issues are because of hardware)…

Also, why isn’t there a FP Open like the FP2 anymore, only an unofficial LineageOS beta…

I’ll wait until the Android 10 update to see if they were just waiting to release the fixes with Android 10. Maybe I’ll need to switch until the FP4 comes out…

Because Google have finally seen the light in recent Android and made this feature less easily available as it is inviting trouble.
Incorporating the SD card into Internal Storage comes from a time when phones had minimal storage and users as well as vendors were desperate.
Technically it wasn’t a good idea back then, and it isn’t now.

If you really want to do it there’s still a way, but be prepared for Google to pull the plug eventually in the future …

There’s an official partnership in place with /e/ …

What if it is software?
I know a factory reset isn’t popular, but it tends to help with software trouble.
Should the fault somehow lie with the OS itself (which doesn’t get touched by an Android “factory reset”), the OS can be reinstalled, too … https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360043337512.

And then there’s still Fairphone support you could contact …https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us.

It’s not impossible that Android 10 would fix something, but are you assuming everybody would have the same issues you do? That’s not the case.
If you really want to make Fairphone aware, you will need to contact support.

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Well, I’ve seen most of my issues (random reboots, etc.) pointed out multiple times in the forum.

When I contacted them I got directed to the support of the reseller of my FP. My reseller doesn’t care about after-sale support.

Probably nothing Fairphone can fix, but this kinda renders the SD card useless. You can only automatically store photos on it, everything else that takes up space: videos, downloaded netflix content, etc. remains on the phone.

My disappointment really lies in that issues with Bluetooth and other parts of the OS that almost every user uses still persist after a year.

Not knowing the Android ecosystem in detail, I am sure that there are solutions available to store almost any content on a SD card. I use it to backup my data, so it is very useful to me.

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Ok, that’s just not good enough from Fairphone and your reseller.

Probably true for content completely handled by Apps, but you can still put files on the card yourself. I have my music collection on the card, for instance. And Backups. And … etc. …

Yeah, as much as a like to blame Bluetooth as a technology … https://www.google.com/search?q=why+is+bluetooth+so+bad, I share the impression that Fairphone are not building up a good track record with that.


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