Disappeared old data in aCalendar

Hello everyone, I have a Fairphone 4 for a few weeks now.
I do have a problem with my agenda. I use aCalendar and I discovered that my old calendar data has only been in there since March 2023. To be sure, I checked this on my old phone (Samsung), and everything is still there from 2020.
How do I get that data back? I have many notes at appointments, and it is important to me to be able to look things up.
Can anyone help me?
Greetz, Mary

Hi and welcome, with which account do you synchronize the data, so where are those stored, the app is only to display.

Syncing is with the google calendar. Both, Google calendar and aCalendar, show just all appointments of the last year. I’m surprised that my old phone (still) shows the appointments of the last three years.

Often, there is a parameter configuring for far back entries are synched. E.g., i use DavX, and have all and every appointments ever i put into my calendar

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Maybe the old phone isnt synched any longer? So when you say Google Calendar, do you mean on the Fairphone or directly when logged in online? Dont use any Google Account, so not sure if there could be any settings to delete after time x or only synch a specific time?

I see all appointments when I open the Google Calendar on my desktop. So I have to use more often that possibility… Besides, I’m going to try DavX!

I see on my old phone also the appointments I just made.
The Google Calendar on my pc shows many years, but on the Fairphone it is just last year. I think I have to use the pc more often. I just thought there was a hidden setting I didn’t know yet.

Well, I’m on a FP5, and see all my appointments

Thanx for the hint, I’m curious!