Disabling vibrations for notifications

Hi there!
I’m having trouble finding the settings I want on my Fairphone3 and its notifications.
I would like to be able to allow or forbid individual apps from vibrating when sending notifications.
Basically I want notifications to show up on the top of my screen for most apps I use, but only vibrate for important ones - at least my normal text messages.
Most apps send too many notifications for my taste. For example I follow a single twitter account so I need notifications to remind me that it’s ready for me to read, but I don’t need vibration to push me to read it right at the exact second.
Is there a way to do this?

You should be able to find all necessary information here:



Thank you.
The problem was I had no idea that within an app the different types of notifications were clickable for detailed options in addition to ticking the box.
Seems to be working the way I want now!

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