Disable screen turning on when plugging in for charging

I find it useless for the phone to turn on the screen when it is plugged in/unplugged for charging.
Especially for example when used together with e.g. a solar panel where charging can drop when there’s too little light. There this can be extremely counterproductive by wasting valueable power.
I’ve seen that there are some apps which supposedly do this (see e.g. this: https://android.stackexchange.com/questions/8280/how-to-make-screen-stay-turned-off-when-plugging-charger); I haven’t tried these, but from what I’ve read they don’t completely disable the screen turning on, they just turn it off again after a second or so.

Is there any chance to get the feature into FP Open that CyanogenMod apparently has - a setting to disable the screen from waking up when plugging in or unplugging the phone?

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This seems to happen with any Google-Android device.

With the software in the link you mentioned device admin rights seem to be sufficient to control this behaviour. I use Gravity box (I think it was; needs root) for my FP1 to control this behaviour.

Since Gravity box is available only till Android 6 (includes FP Open), maybe there is an (built-in?) alternative for Lineage OS.

@Amber Thanks for your comments! I guess you mean the “Snoozy Charger” app?

As others in the linked page also said, it is nice, and helps somewhat, but doesn’t exactly do what I want - the screen will still be turned on for a short while (half a second or so), I’d like it to stay off completely.

Since Gravity box is available only till Android 6

Don’t you mean till Android 5? When I try the XPosed Installer (which I actually wanted to avoid now with Android 6) it tells me that it isn’t compatible with that software version.

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Well, I see your point and have no clue if there is a solution.
In my opinion this behaviour is meant to be and I prefer it to happen.
To me it’s a clear signal, that the connection is successfully established and charging has started.
The loss of energy by that short amount of display usage so far has not bothered me and it should be something, that can be ignored.

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CyanogenMod apparently has an option for it.

For me, the LED suffices as charging indicator ;). And as I stated above, in situations with flaky power connection I think this can contribute quite a lot to unnecessary battery drain. Solar chargers are only one example, I’ve had similar situations in trains, where the power would come on and off frequently.

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Hi @codeling ,

in particular I meant some other app, but I’m imagine there are several. For Gravity box I currently cannot test this, I was having some other comment in the Forum in mind, when I recall correctly they said, that Gravity box doesn’t exist in LineageOS but is still available in FP Open. I didn’t look it up again, so I’m not 100% sure.

XPosed works with Android 6. Just make sure you run Framework v87, as v86 is for Android 5.
Edit: Gravity Box [MM] works on Android 6.


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