Disable microphone via software

It looks my mic2 is broken (it’s enabled only during handsfree call or whataspp/telegram vocal message, I hear lots of white noise with low volume) and I discover that is one of the few component that cannot be substitute.

Is it possible to disable somehow via software? Thanks

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I don’t know of any current method for telling apps to use one mic instead of another, though I guess it might be worth searching.
I guess your phone is still covered by the warranty, so although it’s not possible for you to replace mic2, you can contactsupport with a view to getting it repaired.

That will mean sending it back and all data will be wiped, so make sure you have good backups right now.

Apart from that, your best bet is probably to use a USB or Bluetooth headset / earphones / buds which should work automatically with your vocal messaging apps etc.