Disable camera/screenshot shutter sounds

Hi guys,

currently I see three ways to mute camera photos/videos and screenshots.

  1. Use DND/Vibrate-mode.
  2. Install “silent” camera/screenshot apps.
  3. Root phone and replace shutter sounds.

None of the above is particular appealing to me. I want to hear most other sounds, I like to give permissions to as little apps as possible and am afraid of bricking my phone by rooting it.

Is there any chance this can become a user-config in the FP-OS?


Perhaps someone in the beta program could answer this question. The upgrade to pie might give you this possibility.

Is there any way I can get in touch with those guys? Or do I hope they notice this thread?

Hope they notice this thread :slightly_smiling_face:
Otherwise you can also volunteer yourself for the beta program by sending a mail to beta @ fairphone.com
I might try the beta one day myself, if I do I’ll tell you.

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Sounds good, thanks man. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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Well, I’d just a look at the settings of a FP2 with the current beta (20.08.1-beta.0) and I couldn’t find any special setting to just avoid sound of camera or screenshot. I might have overlooked something but if not, I’m sorry, there isn’t any. :frowning:


Thanks for checking, Volker. Is there any place I can add a feature request for it?


I think the best place would be the bugtracker.
But honestly I wouldn’t be too optimistic that the feature (although I can fully understand the need and it doesn’t sound too difficult for a non developer like me) will be implemented.
I think the developers are very busy working on bugs and I always had the impression that they see higher priority on solving the bugs than implementing new features (something I also can understand).
Did you check the options on LOS or /e/OS?


Thanks for the Lineage-Hint. The information I found was inconclusive, so I guess I’d have to try.

Meanwhile I settled for the DND-option. At least for the camera I could automatize this via Tasker.

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