Disable automatic permission removal for unused apps

My phone just told me it removed permissions from several apps that I have not recently used.
Can I switch this automatic action OFF?
It removed the camera permission from an e-banking app that indeed I use infrequently, but that I still definitely need. I don’t want to have to change a permission just when I’m in the middle of an online banking transaction!
Where can I switch this automatic change OFF?

That won’t happen as if you are using it then it won’t be one of " that you have not recently used".

I think it takes about three months of inactive use.

Android 11 (and newer) can automatically remove permissions from “unused apps” to limit access to sensitive personal data, including location, camera, contacts, files, microphone, and phone. This does not get in the way of day-to-day usage as you have to go at least three months without using an application before Android automatically removes permissions.
Android revoking ‘unused app’ permissions on older phones - 9to5Google

Note: The system resets only runtime permissions, which are the permissions that display a runtime prompt to the user when requested.

Learn more about how the system auto-resets permissions of unused apps.

Go to the app Settings,
go to Apps,
go to your e-banking app
go to Permissions
Make sure that the option to ‘Remove permissions and free up space’ isn’t actived. It should be grey with the buttom on the left.


Thanks Lidwien, that will hopefully do it.
I use it very infrequently, now that I have my main account on another bank, but I still need it once in a while.
I’ll use the same setting also for the other apps.

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