Direct upgrade from 1.1 to 1.8.7?

Is it possible to upgrade the FP1 OS from the very first version (Almond 1.0 oder Caju 1.1) directly to Kola Nut 1.8.7? Or is it necessary to install other upgrades (like Cherry 1.6) first?

Maybe you need before to repartition the phone in order to have the unified partition layout, then there should be no problems AFAIK.
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I think Irina’s question originates in the challenge of letting an FP1 user who is still on 1.1 install the storage upgrade. As far as I know Fairphone only offers the storage upgrade for 1.8.7 now, thus the wish/need to update the OS first before becoming able to install the storage upgrade.

Doesn’t the storage upgrade automatically upgrade to 1.8.7? Since the storage upgrade erases everything on the phone, it would only seem logical to me if the result would be an upgraded OS too.

No unfortunately not. These are two different procedures.There is a Unified Storage Upgrade für Cherry 1.6 (only available for manual installation, after which you can do a pre-update and then the update to 1.8.7) and another one for Kola Nut 1.8.7.

I asked, because there were two FP1 users still running Almond 1.0 and Caju 1.1 (in the Franch thread and in the Facebook group Fairphone-Freunde) and I thought the easiest thing for them would be a direct update to 1.8.7 and then the Storage Upgrade. So I wanted to make sure that this would work before suggesting it to them. But I’ve never heard of them again since.

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