Direct access to camera on the Lock screen without code PIN


First thanks for reading my future message.

I have a problem with my FP3+, I wish i could take pictures without unlock my lockscreen with my fingerprint or code PIN. Normally we can always swip to the right or left to have acess to some application but I don’t find how to add this possibility in the setting.
I have found a website (in french but with pictures) where they explain how to do it on a FP3 but i think it was on Android 9.

Because I have now the FP3+ that is on android 10 and my settings are different.
I don’t have acress to setting that are specific to lockscreen.
I can only choose if i want notifications, if i want to add a text on lockscreen but nothing about linking application with the lockscreen.

Does anyone know how to solve it ?
Have a nice day and thanks for answering

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How to see it is tiel hidden

Settings (tip) - System (tip) - Gestures and movement (tip) - Switch to the camera (tip) - enable or disable

Just press the on/off switch twice and you can access the camera no matter if your phone is locked or not

Ohhh thanks a lot ! I works perfectly

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