Diminished battery time after last (aug '21) update on FP3

Hi all,

after installing the last update, the august '21 one, I experience a seriously diminished battery life after a full charge. Anybody else experiencing the same problem? If so, are there any (app-)settings I might have to check for unwanted and/or unnecessary energy use?


FP3-user since introduction, FP2 before that.

Hi @CaptainRumble Welcome to the forum

I have noticed something similar but the phone doesn’t get hot and I have an email app installed. I will try and do some checks.

Thanks for your observations.

Can you test overnight in aeroplane mode once fully charged I used to get 2% and if only 80% charged 3% ect.

I will do the tests again and post back

Hey Amoun, thanks for your reply. No, my phone doesn’t get hot/warm. I haven’t installed or removed apps for quite some time. That’s why I’m so surprised, battery life after each full charge seems to have been lowered at about 40 to 50%…

So how old is the phone and how have you been treating it?

Charging full and empting or keeping between 80% and 20% for example?

Just did a 12 hour test:

From 100% to 98% in aeroplane mode.

Hi Amoun,

I bought the phone during the actual introduction period, thru pre-order. So it is actually like 3 years old now, if I remember correctly?
And as for charging, no, I don’t use a specific method other than putting it to charge when it gets under 20% - sometimes at 19, sometimes at 5 - and try to let it charge fully, usually before bedtime. That means that I don’t charge it up to 100% pretty often, as I don’t want the charger in the outlet when I go to sleep, so most of the time it’s been charged up to 75-100%.

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Hi CaptainRumble,
I think the first thing to do is to check which apps are using the most power. Go to Settings > Battery > open the three-dot menu at top right of screen, choose Battery usage. This will give an indication of which apps are using the most power, as a percentage of consumption since the last full charge. If you see an app high on the list that’s unexpected, we could concentrate on that.

Although I haven’t taken the time to collect proper measurements, I’m pretty sure that leaving notifications (alarm, new mail, new SMS, Signal or Whatsapp etc.) unacknowledged, leads to higher consumption. I suppose this might be because the app that’s calling for your attention remains active instead of going back to sleep. So I advise acknowledging notifications as soon as you’ve noticed them.

Otherwise, in general terms, always turn off services you don’t need (bluetooth, wifi, location, data, …) but remember that if you turn off wifi and data you won’t be notified of new mail or messages apart from SMS.

I think your charging routine is quite reasonable

Have done an 8 hour test with wifi on all night. I had WhatsApp, Signal, Threema and Fairmail all checking for messages and updates etc.

The result was a 2% drop from 100%

That’s aeroplane/flight mode and then enabling wifi.

I have no google accounts.

Have you checked the battery status by dialling *#*#66#*#* then
Service tests > Test Single > Battery status check?

You could also try putting the phone in Safe mode for the night to see if that helps as it disables all apps. But be warned you may loose settings for the apps when they are re-enabled.

Although you bought pre-order, please check the invoice and date you received the phone date, it may only be two years, which may still be in warranty.

I could have pushed that earlier as the production date was September 3rd, 2019 :blush:

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