Digital certificates doesn't work

I add two digital certificates to my FP2 Open OS to identify myself as phisical person in some webs. But I try to use them with app’s like Fennec F-Droid and they doesn’t work. Any solution? (I don’t use Google services).

Fennec uses its own trust store like Firefox (which sources it is built from). So the certificate store from Android FP Open OS is not used by Fennec. Instead, you have to add the certificates to Fennec (if it allows so).


It doesn’t allow it (I think)

This here may look bizarre, but it’s better than nothing I guess …

I think that that is about root certificates, not client certificates. But how you would use those in a browser, I do not know either. Maybe you need to clarify the type of certificate @Erfono

They are official digital certificates of physical person to identify the person in a concrete (public) web.

@AlbertJP these are client certificates. While implement server / root certificates in the hint from @AnotherElk I believe you use quite same way to add client certs into Firefox-based browsers on Android if needed.

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