Difficult Use of GPS (google maps) with simultaneous power charging


when I use GPS (Google Maps) in my car and try to charge the phone simultaneously, I always get GPS connection errors. Without simultaneous charging, everythink works fine.

Can someone confirm this behaviour?

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This is most likely caused by static which in turn is caused by either a bad cable or the unsteady power supply of the car.

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Are you sure using a Data cable (4 threaded) for charging in your car? If the cable you use is 2 threaded, then you will have problems using navigation

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The number of threads in the cable shouldn’t really matter here (at least I don’t get how it could impact navigation, maybe you can explain?). But of course if the charging adapter is of bad quality it might generate interference and distort the GPS signal.

Navigation always worked for me even while charging, but I can’t tell about Google Maps, as I generally boycot Google services as far as I can and only ever navigated by OSM based navigation solutions :slight_smile:

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Are we really talking about the Fairphone 2? I know that the Fairphone 1 has some difficulties with the scenario described by you. That I can confirm.

Unprofessional explanation: 2 threaded cables only carry charge but no data so the device can’t communicate with the power supply to regulate the current and a wrong current can cause static.

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You don’t necessarily need data lines in the cable for charging, they could for example already be shorted in the plug on the USB side. Shorting the data lines denotes DCP (dedicated charging port), which is a perfectly fine USB charging standard compatible with the FP2 (and used by most wall plugs anyway, afaik).
Also, I wouldn’t suspect static electricity to be an issue here.

Getting back to the original question of @mystacor :
There are apps that are capable of showing GPS reception levels for the satellites in view, e.g. SatStat from F-Droid. You could try to check what happens to the reception levels of the satellites when you plug in the charger.

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Of course not, but so far everybody who had problems with charging and or static caused by the cable could fix it by switching from 2-threaded to 4-threaded.

It’s the only thing I can come up with that could interfere with the GPS reception during charging.


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