Different sounds for the SIM cards

I have problems with setting different sounds for the SIMS. It took me some time but I succeeded to set different ring tones and SMS tones and finally email tone. However, there are annoying system sounds that I just can’t get rid of. First I couldn’t understand it because the phone sounded what I thought without reason. I heard a SMS tone but there was no SMS. Finally I understood that it was a system sound. Most of the time I think it inform me that there are Wi-Fi nearby. Problem is that this is the same as one of my SMS sounds and I can’t change it. How do I get rid of it?

Hi @Bengt,

first off, your topic title is somewhat misleading. If I understand correctly you already have different sounds for each SIM, but want to be able to change certain system sounds, right? An accurate topic title will help others with a similar problem find it better :wink:

As for your question. I found an app (Ultimate Sound control). It says in its description:

Pro Version Only: replace any system sound with a sound of your choosing, so for example, you can replace your unlock sound with a sound of a door unlocking or a gun cocking.

But I’m not sure if you want to buy a pro version without knowing if this is exactly what you want. (I never tried this app myself).
EDIT: Just read the Pro Version is currently not available on Play Store, sorry I missed that before!

Here I found where your system sounds are stored. After checking on my own FP, you can find the sounds at the following path:


You need to keep the name of the file, and you need the same format (.ogg). I’d recommend backing up the original sound files somewhere, in case the formatting of the new sound went wrong. I could not find a sound related to Wi-Fi by its name. But maybe one of the sounds you mean is in there.


My phone is set up in Dutch, so I hope I explain this correctly: when you go in settings - wifi settings, when you click on the left bottom (next to the home button), you can click ‘advanced options’. On top of the list of these settings, you get the possibility to untick the notification of nearby open networks.

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@Bengt: I am really curious for the way you managed to set different sounds to the different SIM’s. Did you use an app or is it possible in Fairphone OS?

Hi @Bengt

Could you perhaps clarify what you’re asking here because - like @Kris_S said ) the title may be a bit misleading. As for the notification of wireless networks, you can turn this off: just go to Settings > WiFi (press the word, left from the slider) > Press left soft bottom button (next to home) > Advanced > Deselect “Network notification”.

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Hi! Really great to finally be here in this forum. My operator stopped my activation email for two weeks! I hope you all folks are awesome.

First to Kris. Yes you are right, the topic was not a good choice. For me it was all about making these two different sounds so even if it did turn out to be about system sounds, I still only hade the dual SIM thing in my head.

Second is to joost72. YES, there it was. THANKS! It should work.

And finally to Lennard and all other people having the same dual SIM issue about sounds. The trick is to use an app. I use the DualSim Ringtone app. You can set different sounds for both ring tone and SMS for both SIM cards.
But you will still have to deal with email sounds. This you can change inside the email app. Settings, click on the account to change, scroll down close to the bottom and you will find choose ring tone. Maybe there are other sounds to deal with, I am not sure.